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Updated 20.02.2020

If your passion is photography and photo processing, you've come to the right place! VSCO is a specialist for these matters. Check and see!
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Category : Photography
Developer : VSCO
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VSCO - what is it?
It is a very popular service and an application for photo editing made with the help of our mobile devices. How to use it? It is very easy.

VSCO turns your phone into a replacement analog camera with its pre-set filters and editing tools. Perfect for anyone interested in photography as a hobby or profession, this app combines a camera, editor and gallery into one. Thanks to perfect settings, pre-programmed filters and advanced camera control, record and edit your images. With the VSCO X subscription you get access to over 100 filters and more tools. Experiment to create an image that matches exactly what you mean! You can take photos in the application or import from the roll from the phone of your phone. Application filters give the photos a unique, grateful color depending on the filter and thanks to that they become extremely atmospheric.However, it is not the filters themselves that determine the strength of this application.

Share photos with others!

VSCO is also a very dynamic community and related websites. Through the application, we have access not only to interesting inspirations and photos of other people, but also regular articles about mobile photography and related topics. VSCO is an interesting proposition for people who like to play with mobile photography, and at the same time seek inspiration and broaden their knowledge. You can share your photos and view other people's photos on the VSCO social channel, including users from around the world. Join the creative community without public observers, likes or comments.

Thanks to very frequent updates, users can enjoy the application again because each time small errors are repaired. As a result, VSCO is becoming better and gaining new customers.

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Price: Free
Category : Photography
Developer : VSCO
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About ..

VSCO - is the most popular application for converting photos to iOS and Android. This second version appeared a bit later, but gained the same recognition as among iOS users. Many people consider it the only right application because:

  • it has a simple,

  • clean interface,

  • we can choose from many high-quality filters,

  • we can fine-tune the picture by using the additional options described below,

  • after processing, we can save the picture in high quality,without the slightest problem and we can quickly send a photo to Instagram, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and our own vscoGrid.

VSCO is a very easy to use application. It's available for free, which does not mean that we will do nothing more besides setting the contrast, if we do not pay for PRO versions. In the free version we have access to all additional settings and to a few basic filters: B1, B5, C1, F2, G3, M1, M5, P5, T1, X1. We can easily create a VSCOgrid account and save photos in high definition. The application has manual settings options, only so that we can fine-tune our photos.

What exactly can we do here?

  • Exposure - the option to change the exposure can be very useful if the picture we have taken is too dark or too bright.

  • Color temperature - change to the cold color when the picture has too bulbous, orange shades and on the other hand wanting to get rid of the cold we use the option of changing to a warmer color.

  • ContrastRotation - the picture can be rotated by 90 degrees and exactly equal with the slider.

  • Trimming - choose in what proportion you want to crop the image.

  • The effect of paleness - gives our photo faded effect.Shadows and lights - the option is related to shades and shading.

In the VSCO application, we find many more functions, filters, settings and combinations. See for yourself.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- use filters that you like the most

- learn about new VSCO options and functions

- camera control option

- own social networking site

- lots of interesting filters

- a transparent and comfortable look
- occasional login problems

- limited options in the free version

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