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Updated 20.07.2019

War Thunder is a great and very realistic game in which we can lead your team in the Air, Land and Water, Lead it to victory!
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Category : Game
Developer : © Gaijin Entertainment Corporation
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War Thunder is a free multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment in a cross-platform format for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Shield Android TV.

The game is based on combined fights of weapons in the air, land and sea with vehicles from the interwar period and the Spanish Civil War to the Cold War, with an emphasis on World War II. Players can control airplanes, tanks and ships from various countries, including the Soviet Union, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, France, Italy, the United States, and the Chinese version of the game, in China.
War Thunder is divided into three main game modes for land, air and sea forces. This includes the arcade, lifelike and simulator. In ground-based arcades, air forces are available for a short time. For realistic ground, the player can use tanks, planes and helicopters. In air battles, battles are strictly air forces without helicopters. In naval battles, the navy can be combined with air forces. Planes are in every mode of the award-winning game.
The development of the game as World of Planes began in 2009. The Russian company Gaijin Entertainment has used its experience in previous combat flight simulator games such as IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, Apache: Air Assault and Birds of Steel in development. During the closed beta the title was changed to War Thunder due to a mistake with a similar competitor World of Warplanes, and for other reasons, such as Gaijin, who wants the game no longer focused on aviation.
Open beta testing started on November 1, 2012. For Windows computers with about 200 aircraft and 600,000 players. May 15, 2014. The first land forces for Germany and the Soviet Union were introduced on 6 million registered players. American, British and Japanese ground forces were later added, introducing the latter to the premiere of the game on December 21, 2016. With over 800 playable vehicles and a total of 15 million players.

Price: Free
Category : Game
Developer : © Gaijin Entertainment Corporation
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About ..

War Thunder is a free multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment in a multiplatform format for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Shield Android TV. The game has micro payments.

War Thunder is a battle simulator. You can play it in four possible modes: Agility (AB) Realistic (RB) and Simulation (SB) is also a bit of Non-standard battles, but this is not an official game mode, it is mainly used to learn to play on a map, learn to fly, or also common training with friends or your squad (Clan)

The Arcade mode is a so-called simplified mode in which you can see where the opponent is, in which place or in which advance to shoot him, and also the machines are faster, more agile and have infinity of ammunition. In air and sea battles, we have unlimited access to a fair number of machines, how many machines we have available depends on how many places we have in the template and whether the machine has not been destroyed during the ongoing battle. In tank battles, we can choose only 3 machines.

Realistic mode is distinguished by the fact that the machines behave as in real life, the opponents are not visible immediately, we have to take into account in advance how to shoot and at what distance, the machines have the same parameters as in real life and there is also limited access to ammunition, If it's over, we have to go to the taken point or return to the airport. In air battles, we can only take 1 machine and in tankers it depends on the number of points we collect


The Simulation mode is practically the same as the real trym. With two exceptions, the view is always first-person and we do not see our allies and so in the event of a mistake when we send an arrow to the ally we can seriously damage it or eliminate it completely from the battlefield.



There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Do not imagine. For many novice pilots, victory is synonymous with bizarre maneuvers and acrobatics that kill death.

-See your plane or tank.

- Get to know Your Adversary.

-Follow your cheeks. (watch if you have an opponent behind you)

- It's a great free game.

- It's very realistic.

-Provides Many hours of fun.
-Sometimes Updates occur when servers are overloaded

- Instant Game Texture Errors

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