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Updated 30.05.2020

vWorld of Warships is the best game that simulates Sea Battles and can be more than a sailor! Become the captain of your ship today! The game is free and gives you the unique feeling of naval warfare and strategy. Fight your enemies and become a Hegemon on water
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World of Warships is a free multiplayer, massive, multiplayer game created and published by Wargaming after earlier World of Tanks and World of Warplanes games. In addition to random battles with other players can play in cooperative types of battles with bots or advanced combat mode PvE. There are two seasonal competition modes available for the most qualified players.

World of Warships was originally released on Microsoft Windows and macOS in 2017. After the computer version there was an iOS mobile game titled World of Warships Blitz in 2018. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox console port of the computer version titled World of Warships: Legends, in 2019.

World of Warships is a slow-motion tactical shooter with two basic weapons: ship cannons and torpedoes. The game itself has a team character, so it gives players the opportunity to work in a team. As part of the team, you can create divisions to allow a group of up to three players to join and fight together. The player team can fight other players (PvP) or against AI (PvE) in three battle modes: Standard, Domination and Epicentrum. Each mode is scored in a point system.Warships presented in the game include periods from the early twentieth century, at the dawn of battleships battleships, up to warships from the fifties, including ships that were planned, but were never produced. The game has four different types of ships: destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers allowing the player to directly control the flying squadrons.

The naval forces represented in the game are the US Navy, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the German Imperial Navy and Kriegsmarine in Germany, the Royal Navy, the Imperial Navy and the Navy of the Soviet Navy of Russia, the French Navy and the Panasian tree with ships from various Navy Asia Eastern and Southeast. Other navies so far in the game are represented by individual "non-wood" premium ships, including the Polish Navy, the Navy of the Republic of China, and the Navy Army of the People's Liberation Army (both located in Pan-Asia), the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy martial (both located near the Commonwealth), Regia Marina and the Argentine navy.

A lot of people wonder which is the best ship or the best nation that they could use. The most recommended nation to start playing is nothing more and nothing less than Russia! It is an excellent ship that you get to get on the cruise branch in the Russian Nation, the Bogatyr is a very good ship because it is completely balanced in what one wants to have as the first serious forceful ship in the game, not to say That the previous boats are useless but there are boats that obviously do not have the advantage that this other has.

The Bogaryr has a pretty good heart, incredible artillery and besides this game is very versatile. First of all it has enough life to be able to capture a point, fight it, obviously it is not like the battle ships that can hold up to 16 torpedoes on the whole side but to be a level 3 ship it supports its good series of shots, its good series of the year consistent and also critical then it is highly recommended that they start by unlocking this little boat if they want to start practicing so that their games are entertaining because they have enough speed to be able to get quickly to points, and in addition to that, it is a boat that it has enough artillery so that you can get yourself two or three hills per game because it does damage, damage and damage. The speed of this ship compared to the others that are initial is very good, incredibly good, many people are recommending it for those people who want to be there constantly and to be prepared for the battlefield.

Not only do cruises exist because there are different game modes, cruises are like it's a standard swim that can provide as much support as it can also provide a lot of collateral damage, bringing many wonders to the team.

We have other types of people who are very close to you who play for a lot of shooters and others who love the game when it is pure action, they have to see the enemy, they have to fight, dodge, etc. The best branch for these people who are supremely dynamic, who like to be aggressive, who like to be bursting, I also recommend destroyers. These are basically the ships that are focusing a lot on getting those kills but most of all killing with the torpedoes that are their primary weapon.

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Price: Free
Category : Game
Developer : © 2012–2018
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About ..

World of Warships is the best game simulating Sea battles. It has in its offer Historic Warships from the times of World War I and II! The game offers missions, challenges, campaigns and collections to create additional goals, rewards and significant progress for players during their games. These systems also provide the ability to create stories inside or outside military or historical genres. Special Halloween modes, April Fool's day or other holiday battles appear in the game. The second goal of "holiday modes" is to test the new game mechanics.

Battles take place on a limited number of specific maps, each of which presents a specific location with different geographical layouts, mainly based on the locations of historical naval battles. Most maps in World of Warships have a static or dynamic weather system to make battles even more varied. In addition, some maps are unique to a specific game mode, e.g. Battles of PvE scenarios based on historical events such as the Dunkirk evacuation.

Scenarios is a PvE game mode in which players cooperate and perform tasks. They include a series of operations, each of which has separate stories, goals, secondary goals and rewards. To end the scenario, players must join forces and complete the main goal. After completing their secondary goals, they receive an additional star.

In addition to ranking battles, clan battles have been introduced as another rivalry mode in the season format. Payers can participate only in clan battles, as opposed to ranking battles, in which individual players compete with each other.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Learn to use every ship properly.

- Look at the map and battlefield

- Celna Shoot

- Excellent graphics

- Very good physics preserved in the game.

- Well-dressed warships in the game.

- Warship themed games are rare in games
- The game can be slow

- Quite high graphic requirements

- Sometimes it's boring

- Even stressful

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