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Updated 10.12.2019

Create Ringtones, wallpapers, notifications and much more with Zedge!
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Developer : ZEDGE
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Zedge is a small and free application that will quickly find interesting ringtones, notification signals, games, and wallpapers for our Android device. The application is not a directory of free resources of this type, in which we can search for interesting files, divided into more than 20 different categories.

The program manufacturer has ensured that the content in its repository can be easily searched. There are category view and a simple search engine, which based on the tags will find what we are looking for. The content is serialized due to their popularity and the date of adding to Zedge.

The service provider also offers its own promoted stream of recommended materials. When you select any element (wallpaper, icons), we can inactivate Zedge, as the appearance of our smartphone will change. If what we'll see will appeal to us we can select the download material-you only need to give the app permission to access the media on your device. Not enough-the program was designed so that you can make a change of wallpaper (whether on the lock screen or in the main menu) directly in the preview view. The huge advantage of Zedge is that we do not have to leave the program to make all possible modifications. 

If you use Zedge a lot, you will surely be useful to list the content you like. These will be helpful, for example, if you want to standardize the appearance of the interface on the different devices you are on. Then, you only need to install Zedge on another device, log into your account and download all the materials from the previously created list. In addition, it simplifies the customization of our smartphone after, for example, we erase data from it. 

Given the vast database of content available in Zedge, the simplicity of the application interface and the incredible convenience of using it, you must consider it not only a decent command, but an absolute  "must have " For each user of the device

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Price: Free
Category : Application
Developer : ZEDGE
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About ..

Download Ringer Zedge (Android) Select ringtones from the menu list. Again, you can view the described ringtones or click Discover tab to browse by category. Let's click Discover. In this example, let's click Country. You'll see a list of ringtones for country music that you want to scroll. To preview from this screen, click the Play icon button (the triangle in the center of the circle). Zedge will load and run the preview. If you like the ringtone, but want to continue browsing, you can click the Heart icon icon to add it to your favorites. To download right away, click on the song title to open the song's screen. You can also listen to the ringtone on this screen. If you are ready to download, click the white Circle using the download icon. You will get the following options: Set alarm tone, set notification, set contact ringtone, and set ringtone. Click the option you want to use, and Zedge will download the ringtone and set it automatically for the selected option. Again, if you want to download it for later use, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner and click Download. Zedge will download the ringtone to the Sound folder for later use.

Getting the Zedge ringtone (iPhone)

We run the program
We select the ringtone we are interested in and tap on the share icon and then on the Get Ringtone. You will see a message about the need to sync the ringtone, we accept it.   
We go to Settings → sounds and select the downloaded ringtone.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

-In-app products are grouped by category. Among the available groups we will find music, sports, landscape, Valentine's Day, mother's days and many others,
-The app offers many options for sharing content, so we can share your favorite products with other apps and with people
-All wallpapers offered in the app are perfectly matched to your device. We can set them up quickly from within the app

-Clear interface improves uptime
-The products are grouped by category,
-We can save your favorite wallpapers, ringtones etc.
-To have access to the ringtones need to buy Zedge Premium,

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